Anxiety in dogs by separation

Separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder characterized by signs of distress, which occurs when affected dogs are alone or separated from the owner.
The signs that can be observed are: destruction, vocalization, dirt, excavation or hypersalivation.
An animal’s behavior is usually very different when he is with his family than when he is alone. Usually the owner evidences this type of behavior when he returns home. It can instill resentment and wear down the owner-pet relationship to cause abandonment.
The specific cause that causes the problem is unknown. It can be hereditary; of raising more affectionate and socially more dependent individuals.
The manifestations of separation anxiety can occur with a number of variations: Some dogs tolerate the regular departures (work) of their owners, but not the irregular ones (night outings, etc.). Others suffer it on Mondays, after they spent the weekend with their owners. Some calm down only with the presence of their owners and others with the presence of any person.