Dog Training. Correction of our dog's behavior.

The aim of this work is to have an obedient and balanced dog, so that the owner can handle it with ease and confidence at the end of the process. From the Canaya Besaya Center we work two types of training:

Basic Dog Training

The job is to teach the dogs basic orders that are done with and without a leash.

Behavior Corrections

Some dogs have one or more inappropriate behaviors such as separation anxiety, barking and / or aggressiveness.

Basic Dog Training

The orders with which they work are the following:

  • FUSS (Together): With this exercise, the dog is taught to walk by our side and at the pace we set.
  • SITZ (Sitting): You are taught to sit when you receive this order.
  • PLATZ (Lying): Learn to lie down when ordered and for as long as necessary.
  • KOMM HIER (Come here): The dog has to answer the call of its owner quickly.
  • STEIM (Quieto): for situations in which after sitting or lying down, we want you to remain in that position even if we move away.

The time required for training is estimated at 1 month, distributed as follows:

  1. The first 25 days the dog is trained in the orders indicated above.
  2. At the end of the period, the owner comes one day to see the evolution of the dog.
  3. It trains for 5 more days.
  4. The last 5 days are called “command step”, in them the owner will come every day to perform the exercises and learn the orders and how to control your dog.
  5. Training is considered completed at the end of the month.

Behavior Corrections

Inappropriate behaviors, what are they?

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder characterized by signs of distress, which occurs when affected dogs are alone or separated from the owner.


Contrary to what is commonly thought, barking in dogs is not a language. It is an emotional manifestation in posture reinforcement.


Aggression problems are the main reason for consultation regarding behavioral problems.